this is what to consider about a birth photography


Birth Photography 

answers to some of your questions... 


I don't want someone seeing me all exposed and taking pictures that kinda crazy.... 

  • Well, it sure is a bit different but its defiantly done in a way that is conservative and timeless. 
  • A baby is a game changer for sure... then you have the parents that have one and are now a parent of two... and so on... meeting this new bundle is such a big deal! I think even if you don't want the action shots you might want your reaction to meeting the baby for the first time. 

What if I want it but am worried about you judging me?

  • So, I have three children and I am a mom with the same daily and life struggles. I also have a husband who is a combat vertern and I am a vertern myself so my prespetive is very diffrent than most.
  • So, I understand what can happen as I had unexpected things take place at my births. I am a fly on the wall and am there for you pictures that is all. All I want is for you to be safe and capture your birth journey. 

What if you cant show up?

  • this is a great and very common question. If your paying all this money and your birth photographer doesn't show it definitely would feel like a waste of money. So the way it works is a professional birth photographer will have a back up. And the backup is bound by a legal contract.  The birth photographer and the back up have discussed your birth plan. And if there is a good chance the backup will be used the client will meet the back up in advance. 

Will you put the images on Facebook or your website?

  • A professional birth photographer should always get a release from the client, I get a release but I always discuss it with my clients in advance and if they are comfortable with it being shared it will be published on one of my platforms but if they aren't then I will refrain from posting it anywhere ever! 


above all make sure they have insurance and a backup!!! 

Courage is knowing what not to fear.
— Plato

What should I wear to my family session?

What should I wear to my family session?

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Belly Art - Houston

Belly Art - Houston

Isadora Photography is proud to anncounce that Kati the general manager of Concierge Doulas of Houston is this week's guest blogger!

Art is not limited to a flat canvas. Its ability to express is suitable for many forms of media. Like a pregnant belly in real life or cast form! Greetings! I'm Kati, your guest blogger! Belly art can be an expression of many different thoughts, feelings, and events. Belly Henna at a mother's blessing to celebrate blossoming into motherhood, belly painting to share the joy of a thoughtfully themed baby shower or a belly cast art that captures the magical change in a family's history, displayed in a classical way. There are endless possibilities and one that is just right for you!

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